Our multimedia hospitality platform, SIR-Media offers an interactive IPTV solution which allows PMS integration that is used to manage guests and rooms. As a result, many processes will be automated and Reception Desk only need to manage PMS software while all data relevant to operate SIR-Media platform will be transferred automatically

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  • How casting technology is revolutionizing hotel's business?

    Dear Kenrick, in the age of streaming services, casting technology has become essential for hotels to keep up with the growing demand for content. Casting technology refers to a system that allows guests to stream content from their personal devices such as phones or laptops onto the TV in their hotel room. This type of technology has become increasingly popular in hotels and offers many benefits to both the guest and the hotelier such as

    • High-quality streaming: casting generally offers better quality and smoother streaming than mirroring, especially for video content.
    • Ease of use: with casting, you can control the content from your phone or tablet, and the content will play directly on the target device, rather than on your device.
    • Multi-tasking: when casting, you can continue to use your phone or tablet for other tasks while the content plays on the target device.
  • This package includes a vast majority of options which are made available to your guest in their very own language and in the comfort of their rooms.


  • We offer a comprehensive Hotel Solution package which can be tailored to your needs and that of your valued guests, making their experience at your resort even more interesting, convenient and relaxing.

  • This package includes a vast majority of options which are made available to your guest in their very own language and in the comfort of their rooms.


  • This remarkable experience starts the moment they walk into their hotel room for the first time, by way of a personalized welcome message or a video display on their TV screen. This thoughtful gesture can go a far way; it shows that you value their business and that you have prepared for their arrival; this put their minds at ease instantly.

  • Furthermore, we understand that you encounter different type of guests on a daily basis and many visits on different occasions such business, vacation, honeymoon or even simply… a getaway. Some guests are addicted to reading news every morning and now they can do that from their beds and in the comfort of their rooms.

  • SIR-Media Hospitality Solution provides a special interface for quick access to automatically updated news; your guest will still have all updates of what is going on in the outside world.



The hotel will be able to add VoD (Video on Demand)
for their guests as well as unlimited in-house


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sports channels

TV Shows

You will be able to add the best

TV Shows of all time


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