About Us

Address: 14th North Street, Montego Bay, St. James
Telephone: (876) 457-7315 | (876) 570-3288 | (876) 551-8205 | (876) 570-8904
Email: admin@sirtechjamaica.com


Solar Internet Repairs S.I.R Tech Jamaica Limited is a private limited company that specializes in Information and Computer Technology. We offer telecommunication services such as network engineering, high speed Internet and IPTV services; computer repairs, solar energy installation and Building Management System (BMS). We aspire to provide high quality services to suit the needs of our customers with international training and skills, efficiency and effectiveness matters to us.

History Of The Company

Solar Internet Repairs S. I. R Tech Jamaica Limited was conceptualized after a feasibility study was conducted which revealed that many consumers felt cheated by their Service Providers. The study revealed that many customers believed that they were given false hope and information and when they try to make queries and/or contact these providers, they received poor customer service at what seemed to be for overpriced services. It was also discovered that some communities, though have electricity, did not have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in their area; this felt unreal. Subsequently, there was an urgent need to attempt to make a difference and fix as many of the issues as possible by offering services that the people craved, good, reliable services (Internet, customer relations and otherwise).

With a combined team experience in Information Technology of over twenty (20) years they felt they had the expertise to start the venture initially offering Internet Service to residential and network administration service to private commercial clients.

The aim was to provide exceptional services to these customers. We purpose to constantly train our staff to be catalysts in the industry and to provide memorable experiences with every contact made; thriving on having a cool and welcoming physical and mental environment, inviting the customers to feel comfortable when doing business with us.

The team made a resolution to continue their studies in the field, so as to offer and use the most modern technology when delivering the services and to obtain certification and training both locally and internationally to improve their skills and to garner new training in areas they are not competent in. The staff that will be employed must be individuals who are well-trained and competent in areas they are employed in.

Our Services

Our computer repairs Technicians are certified and equipped to diagnose, repair, install and upgrade hardware and software on computers as well as other electronics devices. Once an individual is an existing customer on our Internet network, repairs can be done at a reduced cost or at no cost depending on the severity of the repair. Repairs service includes, but not limited to:

  • Hard drive failure
  • Motherboard Issues
  • Damaged Hardware
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • System Optimization
  • Virus Removal
  • Antivirus installation

We will help you to design and operate an efficient BM System, allowing you to increase business productivity at minimal cost. Organizations will be able to monitor and control their operation’s mechanical and electrical components

Solar Internet Repairs S. I. R Tech Jamaica Limited will help you design, maintain and source solar equipment hassle free. Our exciting and practical solutions will have you harvesting the power of the sun whilst escaping the tyranny of Jamaica’s high priced electricity provider. We will source and install:

  • Solar Panel
  • Batteries
  • Charge Controls
  • Other Accessories


  • High speed Internet – we offer both wired and wireless Internet service to both residential and corporate users at an affordable. Our clients are able to connect as many devices as possible within their households. We have various Internet packages tailored to suit the demands of our customers. They are able to stream, talk and browse with little to no interferences.
  • IPTV service (SIR-Media) – Interactive IPTV where customers are able to use their smart devices including their TV, tablets and cellphones; there is a wide array of channels for clients. Installation is quick, easy and convenient.

Network engineering – we design, construct and preserve Network infrastructures for our clients. Our engineers are trained to adapt to our customers and facilitate their needs.

Our Vision

World class trained professional with the will and dedication to produce high quality services, to match the needs of our customers.

Our Mission

We prosper on our integrity consequently making our customers happy by being the best at what we do. Creating easy and reliable services for our clients thus, building on their trust, subsequently, motivating them to make us the company of choice for the services offered. The ultimate goal is to provide exemplary customer service at the highest level of professionalism.

Corporate Governance/Advisory Committee

Solar Internet Repairs S.I.R Tech Jamaica Limited has been in operations more than ten (10) years. We have managed and executed projects for Grand Palladium, Hyatt, Scotia, Royalton, (Humiclima) and Computer Depot, just to name a few; and hundreds of residential customers on our Network. The appendix shows some of these clients and the projects completed for them.

Our Customer Service Representatives are always on the go and willing to assist whenever they are called upon with friendly and supportive personalities for handling the needs of the customers/clients twenty-four (24) hours of the day, Sundays to Saturdays.